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2024 S.E.E.K. Event
2024 S.E.E.K. Event
Sep 20, 2024, 9:00 AM
Henderson Settlement
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S.E.E.K Transformation Mountain

 Our mission for S.E.E.K. is to grow personally and to lead our young adults to have more vitality in our churches that make disciples who transform the world. Young adults will be encouraged throughout the event to Search their souls, Energize themselves, Elevate their communities, and build the Kingdom 

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SEEK was an extraordinary first time event for our conference. I learned so many things at SEEK. The most important was the renewal in my Christianity that came from small group worship in a natural setting. The weekend affected me spiritually and mentally. Spiritually, it reinvigorated my quest as a Christian. Mentally, it steadied my resolve to turn my faith into action. My hope for the future of CAMC/UMC is that SEEK can be leveraged as a regional Christian event in service to the renewal and reinvigoration of CAMC. God has big plans for our conference and the people in it.


2023 S.E.E.K. Gallery
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