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Disaster Ministries

The Kentucky Conference Disaster Response Ministry is partnering with local churches, local communities, and churches to assist in the Recovery Phase for the 2022 Floods in Eastern Kentucky. We are providing Disaster Case Management, Construction Management and Volunteers as ways of recovery for survivors. 



Teams and Individuals can volunteer through UMVIM, often coordinated through districts and churches, or by directly contacting Kentucky Conference Director of Disaster Response Ministry (see below).



You can give to UMCOR or Kentucky Conference Disaster Response Ministry through your local church giving. This type of offering is 100% used toward Disaster Relief.

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We cherish your prayers for the ministry we are doing.

Use your skills to help

The Kentucky Conference is also hiring people within the affected areas, or those who are willing to relocate temporarily, as Disaster Case Managers and Construction Managers.

Volunteers should contact

Your local church pastor, district superintendent, or the Conference Office.


Or, Contact the Kentucky Conference Eastern Kentucky Disaster Response Ministry Director,

Jim Savage 

Phone: (270) 993 – 8908


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